About the old site

With the transition to the new cart system 2021.3.31 We are closing the old site. Due to the system change, the "member information" and "purchase history" registered on the old site have been safely deleted without transferring the information to the new site.

We have sent the above information to customers who have a purchase history and are set to "receive" emails such as "latest information" by email or mail, but for customers who have not been able to receive it for some reason, please be mindful. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For inquiries about the old site, please use the "Inquiry" format of this site.

We will cancel the point redemption service based on the purchase price, "review the product price" to provide the same service, "sale of gift cards" where the recipient of the gift chooses the product they like, "overseas delivery", "multilingual", "multilingual" "New payment service" has been added.

Please register your address on this site, NEWSLETTER. We will send you information about promotions and new works by email. (If you create a separate account, you can check the purchase history and delivery status at the time of shopping.)